Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Membrane with Extended Life and Superior Chemical Resistance

Designed for extended life in a wide range of industrial and electrocoat applications, EP Ultraļ¬ltration Spiral Elements provide greater resistance to fouling by colloidal particles and oily contamination.

Filtration and Separation Technology LLC (F.A.S.T. LLC) was founded in 2004 by Scott Yaeger as a resource for companies that were looking for information on filtration and separation media, filter element design, markets and applications, competitive landscapes, developing markets, application solutions, business opportunities,

Filtration and Separation Technology International, Inc. has an extensive line up of products to serve the Electrocoat painting industry. These include the Parker Ultrafiltration Spiral Elements, Anolyte Cells, Housings, and Spare Parts, Ultrafiltration Systems with or without CIP, Anolyte Cell Systems, Reverse Osmosis Elements, Housings, and Systems,


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Electro Deposition Reverse Osmosis

High Flux thin-film composite membrane element for the purification of Ultrafiltration permeate from Electrocoat Paint.
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